Traveling to Canada for business? Do you have a plan?

September 2, 2020 | by Harry J. Forrest

The Canadian government is taking safety very seriously when it comes to allowing Americans across the border for work. 

Many of our clients are business owners or workers that need to travel to Canada as part of their job. We work closely with them to make sure they are in full compliance with the multi-layered and evolving rules regarding cross-border travel for business.

It is important to know that being an “essential worker” isn’t enough. The Canadian Government requires a quarantine plan showing very specific details on how/where you will quarantine in Canada for 14 days upon arrival.

This plan is mandatory and must include everything from specifically where you plan to quarantine, all the way down to how you plan to acquire groceries during your 14 day quarantine. An American citizen who attempts to cross without having that detailed plan will be denied entry.

If you are thinking that mandatory quarantines aren’t enforceable or that, as is often the case in the United States, they simply won’t be enforced, think again.

In Canada, violating your quarantine plan can cost you: scofflaws will face up to $750k in fines, six months in jail and the potential of being banned from reentry for up to one year.

Our advice: do your homework, don’t wait until the last minute to develop your plan, and when in doubt, consult a cross-border attorney to make sure your bases are covered.

For specific requirements, visit the Canadian government’s official website.

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